El Ateneo Rumano

Bucharest - last stop from West and the first stop from East, the intersection between East and West. Bucharest is the beginning and end of Europe. And this is what sets it apart from Prague, Vienna and Budapest.

Bucharest - the charm of wooden churches, narrow streets and French architecture, wide boulevards, the mix between car noise, traffic, but also green spaces, all combined with a tumultuous nightlife, which can be easily compared with that of Berlin or Madrid.

The city is changing every moment. What is fashionable today, tomorrow could be just a memory. Maybe this is the speed ​​of the 21-st century?

Or just a diversity of fascinating and very dynamic city?

Bucharest - Office of the Presidency, the Government and all political and military forces, the Orthodox Patriarchy, the National Bank of Commerce, the museums, palaces, theaters, stadiums and parks.

Bucharest is a bizarre and romantic city. The elegant atmosphere of the city along with its exuberance won the capital the name “Little Paris” some time ago. A name that you will find appropriate even today, should you have the curiosity to discover the heart of Bucharest. A good start would be to open your heart and let in the charm of the city.