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Our most amazing escapes

Enjoy 10 days of spirituality, as this tour will take you to visit the most beautiful churches and monasteries in Romania, most of them UNESCO monuments. Sucevita and Moldovita, Voronet Monastery, called “The Sixtine Chapel of the East”, but also Barsana Monastery or Sapanta Cemetery are just a few of the wonders you will see.

10 days/ 9 nights

Come to see the 7 Springs Waterfall with one of the purest waters on the planet and drink the water forbidden to the public during’ Ceausescu’s Dinasty or just admire the Triple Pillar of Heavens considered to be the most important natural Informational Energetic Centre of the planet.

Do you want to get rid of stress? Then this is your tour. Enjoy a beautiful and peaceful day near Bucharest, in amazing locations: Caldarusani Monastery, Snagov Monastery and the Garden of the Vlachs.