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Who we are

Our story

General Presentation

Founded in 1998 as a travel division of CMB International, CMB TRAVEL has quickly become one of the leading DMCs in Romania.

Our story

Our story could begin with “…We wanted to bring our ideas into reality”.

CMB Travel was founded by a family who believed that it’s time to bring something new and fresh on the Romanian travel industry. This story began more than 20 years ago. We wanted to define a new service quality of travel services in Romania. At the time when “start-ups” were not so easy in the Romanian travel industry… And yet, even against apparently overwhelming competition, our success was marked.

Did we have a key for success? No, but the ability to react very fast to changes at the right time and the unconditional willingness to understand and to learn, had an active part in influencing new developments.


For Groups CMB offers special rates and discounts for accommodation, general tours, transport by coach and licensed guide, according to customer preferences. Independent of the number of people in the group, you can count on the high quality of our services.


Services: correspondence management, promotion and advertising, graphic design, print, recordings, coordination of oratorios, public relations efforts, hotels booking, programs and special events and, especially, general management of an event.


CMB organizes individual circuits, as requested by our clients and advised by our specialists. We can arrange a wide range of tours from a luxury travel by private car to a reasonable trip by minibus.

Programs before / after Congresses

Along with congress services we can arrange programs for thematic tours.

Special Tours

Romanian culture blends traditional and modern elements. CMB organizes both cultural trips (the monasteries tour, the castles’ tour, etc) as wine tasting tour, Dracula tour, bird watching trip in the Danube Delta, adventure programs (Mountaineering , jeep safari, etc)


CMB TRAVEL acts as a “one-stop shopping store” for our clients. We provide any type of service for traveling and staying in Romania: services for conventions, incentives, business travel, hotel bookings, all these taking into account the client’s budget.